tractor in field

We grow and raise a variety of farm-fresh products, including organic and sustainable produce, humanely-raised meat and poultry, and some of the best eggs you’ll ever taste.


The way we cultivate and produce vegetables is beyond organic! We use only organic insecticides and products (if necessary) in our greenhouses. The pastures are limed every two years as needed, and no harmful chemicals are applied. The vegetable washing station in the packing house uses UV-treated water to clean and cool products. It is our goal to harvest, wash, and sell quickly in order to bring you the freshest products possible.

We offer a nice selection of salad ingredients for those light spring, summer, and fall meals. (And it seems that Farmer Mike has become known at the market as the “Tomato Man.”) Our produce offerings vary with the year and the season, but here’s a sampling of what we often have on hand:

raspberry house

The raspberry house

  • Heirloom tomatoes (several varieties)
  • Japanese truffle tomatoes (interesting to look at, delicious to eat!)
  • Green tomatoes (perfect for making fried green tomatoes)
  • Raspberries (like edible summertime jewels)
  • Kale (a delicious & nutritious superfood)
  • Mustard and Collard Greens (tender and tasty)
  • Fresh-cut flowers (for a bit of beauty)
  • Selection of dried beans (for a bit of extra fiber)

Meat & Poultry

We raise chickens and capons, as well as grass-fed  beef and lamb. The pork that we sell is typically raised by friends and neighbors that care about the same things we do, which are clean, wholesome feeds and treating our animals respectfully.

All of our meat products are available frozen. We are licensed by the State of Pennsylvania for safe handling of perishable foods and to deliver and sell our meats. We also have our own State-approved poultry processing facility on the farm to ensure freshness and quality control.

Here are the meats we offer, at a glance:

  • Chicken (whole and parts)
  • Whole capons (for Holiday orders)
  • Texas Longhorn Beef (steaks, ground steak, ground steak patties)
  • Lamb (ground)
  • Pork (chops)
  • Sausage (a variety of rope sausages, including Andouille, Sweet Italian, Hot, and Chorizo)
  • Other cuts and goodies as available. Remember to ask about what’s on hand!

Chicken & Eggs

Our poultry flock consists of the Cornish/Rock cross strain of chickens. This breeding resulted from an increasing demand for more breast meat — and they deliver exactly that! These are tender and flavor-packed chickens just like you may remember from before the days of mass production.We have taken this strain of chicken to another level by processing our birds on the farm in order to control quality from start to your table.

Our chicks are raised in a protected brooder house and then moved to a protected sunny area in our barn, where they are grown out on pine shavings and wood chips. No rain, wind, extreme heat, or predators makes for a stress-free and tasty bird. We provide our birds with veggies from the garden in order to give them the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals necessary for a strong immune system, which in turn gives us a nutrient-rich food source. We use a custom mixed grain with no preservatives from our local fed mill. We do not feed animal by-products, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Freedom to move in adequate space works well for the chickens.

Our eggs, when available, are rich and flavorful with bright yellow yolks.


We raise all natural Texas Longhorn beef. Open space and rotational grazing is our practice. (The idea to raise these cows began with a log cabin spring house that we brought to the farm as a reminder of the romance of the old west. Gold rush country! And, of course, we want our customers to eat healthy foods!)

Texas Longhorn meat is learner, meatier, tastier, healthier, and remarkably lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than conventional beef. And it tastes amazing. Research shows that grass-fed beef contains fat that is actually good for you. Grass-fed beef has more Omega fatty acids, which may reduce the risk of heart disease. (It’s the balance of Omega fatty acids that’s important for a healthy diet.) Plus, grass-fed beef also contains more beta-carotene and up to five times as much CLA. (CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a “good fat” with potential health benefits.)

Our specialty is ground meat! Unlike regular ground beef, in which you get a poorer quality of beef, our Texas Longhorn Steak Ground Beef and Steak Ground Beef Patties includes all the cuts of meat that you normally find in ribs, roast, brisket, sirloin, prime rib, rib eyes, and T-bones. This gives you a premium quality steak burger and ground beef with the tasty flavor of steak!


Our sheep Sire is a Texel ram from the Netherlands. He is the terminal sire used to produce mild-flavored, non-gamey, tasty lamb and mutton. The most outstanding characteristics of the Texel breed are its remarkable meat development, its ability to thrive on grass, and the resulting leanness in the lamb. Cuts selected from the shoulder and leg are used to make lean and flavorful premium ground lamb. We think of it as the ultimate convenience food! (We also have raw hand-spinning quality wool for sale for you hand-spinners and knitters out there.)


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